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AVID stands for Achievement Via Individual Determination. AVID is implemented in more than 7,000 schools in 47 states across the U.S., plus schools in Department of Defense Education, Canada, and Australia. AVID impacts more than 2 million students in grades K–12 and 62 postsecondary institutions. It includes professional development, resources and support for teachers.

AVID helps students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to be successful in post-secondary pursuits. 


AVID is embedded into the school day. Students learn about organization, study skills, communication, and self-advocacy. They learn to take structured notes and answer and ask high-level questions. The Moreno Valley Unified School District has 11 schools that offer the AVID program for students. 


At the middle and high school levels, AVID is both an elective class and embedded school-wide. In the elective, students receive additional academic, social, and emotional support. School-wide, AVID teaches skills to help all students become more college- and career-ready. 

What is the school-wide use of WICOR strategies?

WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading -- the instructional, research-based strategies provided through AVID training. These strategies have been proven over time to increase student engagement, rigor, and understanding. WICOR strategies can be used in any classroom or content areas, as they promote consistent and research-based instruction.

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