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Superintendent's Office

Dr. Alejandro  Ruvalcaba
Dr. Alejandro Ruvalcaba
Superintendent of Schools


Juan Jauregui
Executive Assistant, Superintendent
Ext. 17202

The Superintendent of Schools is the Board of Education's executive officer and the District's educational leader.

The Superintendent of Schools provides the educational leadership for all schools and 32,000 students of the Moreno Valley Unified School District. This includes directing the implementation of district-wide goals, plans, strategies, policies and budgets, and recommending their approval by the board of education. 

The Superintendent of Schools' duties also include the overseeing of the administration and supervision of school-level operations, staff and programs.

About the Superintendent



    Communications and Community Engagement

    The department is responsible for all aspects of the district's communications.

    Safety and Security

    Wellness, Mental Health and Outreach

    The department offers families resources that support students’ basic needs and wellness, mental health, and parent engagement.


    Dr. Esperanza Arce

    Dr. Esperanza Arce

    Chief Academic Officer
    Susana Lopez

    Susana Lopez

    Chief Business Official
    Dr. Robert Verdi

    Dr. Robert Verdi

    Chief Human Resources Officer


    Erica Cuevas

    District Translator

    Rafael Garcia


    Claudia Jauregui

    Executive Asst, Supt

    Darryl Scott

    Director III-Safety & Security