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Elementary Education

Carol Boyan-Held
Carol Boyan-Held


Herdes Belvin-Gray
Secretary III
Ext. 17275

Department Overview

Elementary Education provides guidance, support and monitoring to all programs at elementary schools and early childhood learning programs as they implement district-adopted curriculum, staff development and instructional improvement programs, programs for all student groups, and assessment and accountability systems. Our goal is to make learning come to life through the six competencies of the portrait of a graduate. We implement the California Common Core Standards to support students on their path to become college and/or career ready. This common set of learning goals helps teachers and parents ensure students are challenged and making appropriate progress. As we work to implement our strategic plan we continuously expand the method and programs we use to introduce, teach, and reinforce these vital skills for our students. Programs such as...

  • P3Read which emphasizes the goal of all students reading proficiently by third grade
  • International Baccalaureate and STEAM Pathways that emphasize 21st Century Learning skills
  • Reading Challenges for parents and students,
  • A multitude of intervention programs across the district
  • Guided reading groups and high quality instruction address the learning needs of our diverse population

Our libraries also provide all students with the research tools needed to be prepared for college, career, and life. In addition to print resources, digital resources are provided to all students at every grade level. These resources are important tools to foster critical thinking and inquiry based learning which are essential skills for the portrait of a graduate competencies. It is our goal to provide an elementary experience that will establish the foundation for our students to be successful as they move up to the secondary level and to ultimately prepare them for their future college and/or career path.


Jennifer Adcock

Coord Universal Pre-K PreschTK

Herdes Belvin

Secretary III

Carol Boyan-Held

Director III-Elementary Ed

Blanca Garcia

Instructional Materials Tech