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All students in Grades TK-12​ check-out a district-loaned Chromebook​ to take home and bring back to school daily. We believe this will help accomplish our district’s mission that every student will graduate ready for college and well-prepared for careers of the future.

Students are currently using Chromebooks daily in the classroom to access textbook materials, collaborate with other students and to complete assignments. Sending the Chromebooks home will create more equitable opportunities for all students as they continue these important tasks away from the classroom.

Students will be issued a Chromebook and are responsible for properly caring for it just as they would a library book or textbook.

Chromebook Exchange and New Chromebooks

Helpful Suggestions to Extend the Life of Your Chromebook

  • Chromebooks should not be loaned to others nor left unattended

  • Please report any damage to the school right away

  • Should a Chromebook become lost or stolen, please report it to the school right away. MVUSD can remotely "lock" the Chromebook so that it cannot be used by anyone.

  • Chromebooks should be charged each night using the charger provided by the school. Chargers should be left at home.

  • Although Chromebook content will be filtered and access monitored, students are expected to use the device appropriately by focusing on educational expectations.

  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to monitor their student's use of the Chromebook and to support outstanding digital citizenship.

  • Students should keep passwords secret and not share personal information online.

  • Please keep food and beverages away from Chromebooks.

  • Please do not use liquids, chemicals, or abrasives to clean any part of the Chromebooks.

  • Although students can use Google apps offline, parents may want to look into low-cost internet access. See for details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chromebooks