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Maintenance and Operations

Anthony Pipkins
Anthony Pipkins
Executive Director



Heather Sandoval
Secretary III
Ext. 17905

Department Overview

Our vision is to create a positive atmosphere by providing a clean, safe atmosphere where our community, students, and staff can thrive, one service at a time.  Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Ensuring that schools, departments, and offices are cleaned regularly and above and beyond standard protocols.  
  • Quickly responding to any and all maintenance issues and resolving these in a timely manner, including after hours emergencies. 
  • Maintaining and beautifying the grounds of our school and department sites, including preparing for games and other events. 
  • Keeping our sites secure by establishing that our telephones, school and site fire and intrusion alarms and bells are operational and in good condition.
  • Investigating energy savings solutions and applying them within the District.  Examining ways to further economize on energy consumption by communicating with administrators and staff and educating students regarding energy saving tactics. Monitoring and comparing utility bills to document progress made with regards to energy conservation.  Motivating Staff members and students by positive reinforcement and teaching assemblies.
  • Providing support for internal and external groups who wish to utilize our facilities for events.
  • Ensuring that any HVAC systems in the District are running efficiently and cleanly.  Changing out HEPA air filters approximately every 3 months to ensure clean filtered air in the classrooms and offices.


Anthony Pipkins
Executive Director

Michael Cox
Energy Specialist
951-571-7800, ext. 17996

Michael Inman
Supervisor IV, Maintenance
951-571-7800, ext. 17801

LaQuisha Pritchard
Assistant Custodial Supervisor
951-571-7800, ext. 17851

Seaburn Boone
Supervisor II, Grounds
951-571-7800, ext. 17977

Anthony Ingrassi
Supervisor III, Custodial
951-571-7800, ext. 17850

Moises Montejano
Use of Facilities and Events Manager
951-571-7800, ext. 17994 and 33838

Jim Ramberg
Assistant Custodial Supervisor
951-571-7800, ext. 17807

Support Staff

Joan Adams
Account Clerk III
951-571-7800, ext. 17904

Rochelle Jones
Clerk II
951-571-7800, ext. 17902

Karen Vogel
Clerk II
951-571-7800, ext. 17901

Sonia Harguindeguy
Use of Facilities Clerk
951-571-7800, ext. 17862

Heather Sandoval
Secretary III
951-571-7800, ext. 17905