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Facilities Projects - HIGH SCHOOLS » Moreno Valley High School NEW CONSTRUCTION

Moreno Valley High School NEW CONSTRUCTION

  • Design plans are scheduled to be submitted to the Division of State Architect (DSA) in October 2018
  • The plans are scheduled for approval by DSA in February 2019
The following depicts the proposed exterior design:
August 17, 2018:
  • Design is in progress and is scheduled to be submitted to the Division of State Architect (DSA) in October 2018
  • Plans are estimated to be approved by DSA in February 2019
  • Construction is estimated to start in June 2019
(The following are a couple Schematic Design, John Sergio Fisher and Associates)
pic 1 pic 2
New 2-Story Building
Project Description:
Construct a new 2-story building on the back-side of the high school, just south of the baseball fields.
Ribbon Cutting
Students from Moreno Valley High School cut the ribbon with members of the Board of Education, District Cabinet, city officials and Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee.
District and community leaders joined the students of Moreno Valley High School to celebrate the opening of the school's new 30-classroom building on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. 
The new building has been utilized by an average of 730 students each class period since January 2018.
The 45,000 sq.. ft. building allowed 28 teachers to relocate to a permanent room instead of portable classrooms.  The new building also houses teacher workrooms and restroom facilities.
"This building is beautiful.  The S-Wing is a change, a change embraced by the students and a symbol of what is becoming the new Moreno Valley High School," said David Anyakora, senior at Moreno Valley High School during the ceremony.
"Moreno Valley High School is a great place to learn.  Our students deserve the best, and we have built the best for them," said Board of Education President, Susan Smith.
Please watch this video from the Moreno Valley High School's new classroom building ribbon cutting ceremony.
UPDATE:  JANUARY 12, 2018:
Roof finish is complete and roof punch walk was completed on December 6balloonsDone
Interior finishes in all bathrooms are completed
Doors and hardware are complete, and re-keyed by the District
Flooring is complete
New furniture was delivered the end of December 2017
Students began classes in the new 2-story building on January 8, 2018!
pic 12 pic 13Pic 14  pic 14 pic 16 pic 17
Article that appeared the Press-Enterprise newspaper:

Moreno Valley High School debuts new 30 classroom building

pic outside


An exterior view of the new S-wing at Moreno Valley High School.

Moreno Valley High School is the second school beginning 2018 with new facilities. The school’s new two-story, 30 classroom building opened Monday for the first day of classes after winter break.


The new S-Wing Building features 45,000 square feet of space with 30 classrooms, 3 conference and work rooms and 4 restrooms.


"It's big, it's elegant and technologically based. The view of the mountains and campus from the large windows is unique to this building," said MVHS Special Education teacher Danielle Zimmer.


The building houses English and Social Studies classes, giving them permanent space and no longer utilizing portable classrooms.

  • Roof finish is complete
  • Interior finishes are in progress
  • Restroom partitions and accessory installation started in December 2017
  • Fire lane is complete
  • Interior cabinets and wall finishes are complete
  • Door and hardware installation are in progress
  • All contractual concrete hardscape is complete
pic 13 pic 14 pic 15 pic 16 pic 17 pic 18
UPDATE:  November 16, 2017:  (photos below)
  • Scratch and brown coating has been applied to the building
  • Roofing skylights and walking pads over air conditioners have been installed on the west end of the building
  • Concrete at the courtyard:  COMPLETE
  • Casework installation in classrooms is in progress
  • Metal panel installation is in progress
September 12, 2017:  (photos below)
  • Southside storm installation in progress
  • Roofing Installation in progress
  • Window Glazing in Progress
  • Elevator Installation to begin on September 18, 2017
  • Permanent water is live in the 2-story building
  • 2-Story building is scheduled for completion in December 2017
Facilities Project Contact:
Jorge Alvarado, Facilities Planner
951-571-7690 ext. 17602
GRAPHICS/PHOTOS that go with the September 12, 2017 Update:
Install new volleyball area and lunch shelter.
September 12, 2017: (photos below)
  • Volleyball concrete pour is in progress
  • Lunch Shelter installation is in progress
Facilities Project Contact:
Jorge Alvarado, Facilities Planner
951-571-7690 ext 17602
Photos that go with the Volleyball and lunch shelter Update of September 12, 2017 below:
Photos that go with November 16, 2017 Update: