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PTA Records Retention Schedule

Reprinted from California State PTA The Communicator, October 2009

It is very important that certain PTA records be retained. Listed below are items that must be reviewed on a periodic basis and kept in a safe place. Develop a records retention policy based on this list.


  • Annual audit reports
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Canceled checks, for important transactions (e.g., taxes, contracts)  [Checks should be filed with papers pertaining to the transaction]
  • Corporation reports filed with the Secretary of State
  •  Legal correspondence
  • Group exemption documents
  • Insurance records:

     o Accident reports

     o Claims

     o Policies

  •  Ledgers
  •  Minutes of executive board, association and committees (bound)
  • PTA Charter
  •  Tax documents:

     o Exempt status

     o Group exemption

     o Letter assigning IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)

     o State and federal tax forms, as filed

  •  Correspondence with state or federal agencies
  • Trademark registrations

Consider getting a file cabinet to keep at your school site so that PTA officers don’t misplace these items at home or move away with them.


  •  Financial statements (year-end) and budgets
  •  Grant award letters of agreement


  •  Payment authorization and expense forms

     o (receipts attached) for payments to vendors or reimbursement to officers

  •  Cash receipt records
  •  Checks (other than those listed for permanent retention)
  •  Expired contracts and leases
  •  Insurance incident reports
  •  Invoices
  •  Purchase orders
  •  Sales records


  •  General correspondence
  •  Employee records (post-termination)
  •  Employment applications


  •  Bank reconciliations
  •  Correspondence with vendors if non-contested
  •  Duplicate deposit slips
  •  Current bylaws, approved by state parliamentarian
  •  Standing rules
  •  Certificates of Insurance
  •  Inventories of products and materials, updated yearly

When filing records, include the date they are to be destroyed. Review each year or two, at the end of a term.