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Moreno Valley Unified School District

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Certificated Evaluation Committee



The mission of the Moreno Valley Unified School District and the Moreno Valley Educators Association Evaluation Committee is to develop, implement, and maintain an evaluation system that strengthens the knowledge, skills, and practices of educators to improve student learning.

Guiding Principles

  1. This evaluation system should be based on a set of standards of professional practice that acknowledges the multiple activities and responsibilities of educators that contribute to the improvement of learning and the success of the school.
  2. This evaluation system must address the varying assignments of all certificated educators and must be differentiated to support the development of educators throughout the continuum of career stages.
  3. This evaluation system must include both formative and summative evidence of teaching and student learning from multiple sources.
  4. Data used for evaluation and improvement purposes must be kept confidential within the District to protect the integrity and utility of information used to improve professional practices.
  5. This evaluation system must be implemented with educator participation to ensure a supportive climate. Further, it must provide relevant and constructive feedback coordinated with targeted professional development for improving practice and promoting collaboration among educators. Feedback and professional development must be linked to standards of professional practice, allowing for adequate time, training, and resources for coaching, modeling, observation, and mentoring with an ongoing commitment of financial resources.
  6. This evaluation system must include components and procedures that are research-based, transparent, and clearly defined. The District and the Association will jointly provide extensive training to evaluators and evaluatees and will monitor the evaluation system to ensure that it is effective, calibrated, and consistent with its intended purpose to improve educational practices and student learning.
  7. This evaluation system must consider the complexities of teaching and student learning that are outside of the educator's control.
  8. This evaluation system must be collectively bargained to ensure the buy-in and trust of all affected parties. The negotiated Agreement shall include the procedures, content, and timelines of the evaluation process.