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Moreno Valley Unified School District

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Language Assessment

Danette Aguilar
Specialist, Language Assessment
(951) 571-7694

What if a language other than English is spoken in the home?

If a language other than English is spoken in the home, that student must be screened for English language proficiency according to California State Department of Education Regulation.  This process is not optional.

Since the results of this screening process for students in grades K-12 provide the staff with information which may indicate the need for English language development assistance, we must conduct the assessment prior to the student's placement in school.

Each student is tested individually.  Results of the assessment will be shared with the parent and/or guardian.  You will leave the session with documentation the schools need to continue the enrollment process.

  • The testing process for grades K-2 takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Testing process for grades 3-12 may take up to 2 hours and 45 minutes

What about School Attendance Enrollment Options?

MVUSD is an open enrollment district, which means you may request a school of your choice.  All students are entitled to a seat in their assigned neighbor school.  Decisions regarding your student's enrollment in a non-neighborhood school under School Attendance Enrollment Options will be made based upon space availability, through an Intra-district Transfer application.  See the Transfers-Intradistrict and Interdistrict page for further information.