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Moreno Valley Unified School District

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Message to Parents

Our new California Standards in English language arts, mathematics, and science are standards for 21st century learning and a future that will be very different and requires more rigor and relevance in our learning and teaching. These standards focus on ensuring that every student who graduates from high school will be prepared to enter the 21st century workplace or the post-secondary educational program of choice.

Along with the change in the curriculum, we also have a new assessment system that is very different than its predecessor. This assessment system measures a very different set of standards in a very different way than any we have had in the past. This year will be our first time measuring brand new curriculum in a new computer based assessment system, and we are all looking forward to this transition to more meaningful feedback about our students’ learning.

One particular area of concern is the anticipated “dip” in student scores. It is important to understand that these new results will measure proficiency on a different and more rigorous curriculum that is new for students and teachers, and that the assessment system is very different and new. “Proficiency” on these new standards is not comparable to proficiency on the previous state standards, and student results should be considered in this context. Scores from the new assessments will represent a realistic baseline that provides a more accurate indicator for teachers, students, and parents as they work to ensure our students meet the rigorous demands of college and career readiness.