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Moreno Valley Unified School District

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Capital Outlay Process

Capital Outlays are to be filled out whenever a site wishes something new-that has not been there before.  Items such as containers, changing flooring type, adding or changing fencing, installing new sinks, conference phones (where there isn't one already), etc. are to be submitted via Capital Outlay.  
When submitting, please make sure to have an administrator sign on line number 1 towards the bottom.  Also, please include a valid budget code when submitting the Capital Outlay.  Before starting the work, we will give you a quote to see if you wish to proceed.  Once we get the approval of the site, we will proceed with the Purchase Orders for the work.  By providing us with a valid budget code at the start, it may speed up the process.  
Please send signed Capital Outlay requests to Heather Sandoval.