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Moreno Valley Unified School District

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School Dude-Maintenance Work Order System

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Please click link above to be directed to the School Dude log-in page.  
School Dude is our system to log, process and track work orders.  If you have an issue that needs attention, please have your designated approver or submitter place a work order.  Once approved by your administrator/designee, our department will pick it up and take appropriate action to see the task completed. NOTE: Please call the Maintenance office at 17800 for emergencies such as flooded bathrooms, gas leaks, power outages, and other issues that could impact the immediate safety of the site.  
Generally, Administrators, Secretaries and Head Custodians have work order access.  Please contact your Principal or Administrator to find out your School Dude access person.
ELECTRICAL-Lights, Outlets, Fuses, etc.
ELECTRONICS- Bells and Bell schedules, Burglar & Fire Alarms, Phones, Smoke Detectors, School Dude issues.
GENERAL MAINTENANCE-Repairs to Buildings, Flooring, Baseboards, Special Cut Ceiling Tiles, etc.  
GROUNDS-Turf & Planter Maintenance, Trees, Pest Control, Field Marking
IRRIGATION-Sprinklers, Irrigation Leaks in Turf and Planters
HVAC-Cooling, Heating and Air Quality Issues
LOCKS-Keys, Doors, Safes.
PAINTING-Graffiti, Room and Site Painting, Parking and Playground Lines.
PLUMBING-Toilets, Sinks, Gas Leaks, Indoor Leaks, Drinking Fountains, Garbage Disposals, Drains