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Moreno Valley Unified School District

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Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC)

Overview of the Student Technology Advisory Committee (STAC)

The purpose of the Student Technology Advisory Committee is to review and discuss how technology can foster academic excellence while preparing students for a collaborative global environment. Each high school identifies a diverse group of students who will participate in the quarterly STAC meetings. STAC will analyze how technology is being used and if it is filling the core values of Information Systems/Technology department:

• To increase student achievement and foster academic excellence through the use of technology.

• To provide and maintain exceptional technology support for staff and students

• To maximize efficiency of business and academic practices through the use of technology

• To increase community and parent communication

• To provide 21st century technology resources that will empower staff and students to participate in
   global collaborative environment

• To instill 21st century technology learning skills and digital citizenship

• To implement the finest technology practices while providing on-going professional development.