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Measure M Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

About Measure M

The Moreno Valley School Board voted June 17, 2014, to place a $398 million bond measure on the Nov. 4, 2014 ballot.  The community approved Measure M for $398 million to repair existing facilities, as well as construct new facilities for the students of Moreno Valley Unified School District.

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
Moreno Valley's Board of Education approved the appointment of the Citizen's Bond (Measure M) Oversight Committee  (COC) at its April 14, 2015, Board Meeting.

The purpose of the Measure M Citizen's Oversight Committee is to actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction on the Measure M Bond projects.

The COC has met August 20, 2015, November 19, 2015, March 17, 2016, June 16, 2016, July 14, 2016, October 20, 2016, March 9, 2017, June 29, 2017 and January 25, 2018 (Brown Act Training 4:30 - 5:15 p.m.; followed by CBOC meeting @ 5:30 p.m.), April 26, 2018, and August 23, 2018.




Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee


Meeting No. 12 is scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2018 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.


Moreno Valley Unified School District

Edgemont Elementary School

Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)

21790 Eucalyptus Avenue

Moreno Valley, CA 92553



Meeting Agenda

1) Call to order

2) Introductions and welcome

3) Public comments on agenda and non-agenda items related to Measure M only

4) Approval of meeting minutes from meeting No.11, held on August 23, 2018

5) Brief overview of projects: Samer Alzubaidi, Director of Facilities

6) Performing Arts Center Presentation: Samer Alzubaidi, Director of Facilities

7) Review of the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Expenditure Report: California Financial Services (CFS)

8) Future Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee meeting date

9) Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Member questions and comments

10) Meeting adjourned 10.2018 rm


Availability of agenda materials: Agenda exhibits and other writings that are disclosable public records distributed to all or a majority of the members of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee in connection with a matter subject to discussion or consideration at an open meeting of the Committee are available for public inspection at the District’s Facilities Office, located at 13911 Perris Boulevard, Building A, Moreno Valley, CA 92553. If such writings are distributed to members of the Committee less than 72 hours prior to the meeting, they wil1 be available at the reception desk of the District Facilities Office during business hours at the same time as they are distributed to the Committee members, except that if such writings are distributed less than one hour prior to, or during, the meeting, they will be available in the meeting room.


Disability-related accommodations: The Citizens’ Oversight Committee meeting room is wheelchair accessible. If you require any special disability-related accommodations (e.g., access to an amplified sound system, etc.) please contact Rosalie Martinez at (951) 571-7690 during business hours, at least twenty-four (24) hours before the scheduled meeting. This agenda may be obtained in alternative format upon written request to Rosalie Martinez in the District Facilities Office, at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled meeting.


Interpretation and translation services for all Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Meetings: Must be requested ten (10) days in advance, prior to a meeting. 


Los servicios de interpretación y traducción para las reuniones del Comité de Supervisión de Bonos Ciudadanos se deben solicitar diez dias antes de la reunion.


(Chair and Vice-Chair, and Terms to be addressed at the April 26, 2018 meeting)



Board Approved

Term of Service

Jennifer Bell Parent/Guardian of Child in District; PTA or School Site Council December 12, 2017  2 YEAR
Tim Lyons - VICE CHAIR At-Large Community Member Re-appointment August 1, 2017  2 YEAR
Ross Nakatani Senior Citizen Group Representative November 14, 2017  2 YEAR
Christina Sanchez Parent/Guardian of Child in District November 14, 2017  2 YEAR
Adam Sinner Parent/Guardian of Child in District November 14, 2017  2 YEAR
Keri Then - CHAIR PERSON Business Representative Re-appointment August 1, 2017  2 YEAR
LaShonda Tillmon Taxpayer Organization Member November 14, 2017  2 YEAR

Alpha Order:
Delorise Anderson - 2-year term
​Tracy Brown - 2-year term - Vice Chair
​Debby Johnson - 2-year term (11/19/15  changed from 1-yr to 2-yr)
​Marisela Lopez - 2-year term
​Tim Lyons - 2-year term
​Pete Serbantes -  2-year term - Chair of the Committee
​Kendall Shumway - 2-year term (11/19/15 changed from 1-yr to 2-yr)
​Charles Smith - 1-year term
​Keri Then - 2-year term
​Linda Williams - 2-year term


1.  Meets Independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws (that were approved by the District's Board on January 20, 2015)

2.  Meets Proposition 39 Member Criteria:

  • Member shall be the parent/guardian of child enrolled in the district
  • member shall be both a parent/guardian of child enrolled in the district and active in PTA
  • Member active in a business organization representing the business community
  • Member active in a senior citizens' organization
  • Member active in a bona-fide taxpayers association
  • Two members of the community-at-large

3. Response is consistent with Oversight Committee 'duties'

  • Inform the Public
  • Review Expenditures
  • Annual Reporting

4.  Response is focused on student achievement

5.  Response is indicative of support and investment in the community

6.  Diversity - representative of at-large geographic area

Board Agendas/Appointments: