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Moreno Valley Unified School District

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District Leadership

Board of Education
Cleveland Johnson, President
Susan Smith, Vice-President
Brandy Clark, Clerk
Jesús M. Holguín, Member
Ruth Self-Williams, Member
Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Martinrex Kedziora, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17202
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Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Anahi Velasco, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17625
Director of Safety and Security, Darryl Scott, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17565
Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Esperanza Arce, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17587
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Director of College and Career Readiness, Latoysha Brown, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17560
Director of Elementary Education, Carol Boyan-Held, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17275
Director of English Language Learners Programs, Lilia Villa, [email protected]t, 951-571-7500 ext. 17219
Director of Equity and Access, Dr. Lisa Broomfield, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17225
Director of Professional Development and Digital Learning, Smiley Villavicencio, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17722
Director of Secondary Education, Jon Black, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17536
Interim Director of Student Services, Tim Biland, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 41709
Director of Wellness, Health, and Community Outreach, Rafael Garcia, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 46148
Executive Director of SELPA Services (Special Education), Jason Ramirez, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17282
Chief Business Official
Susana Lopez, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17241
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Director of Business Services, Jennifer Miller, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17549
Director of Facilities, Samer Alzubaidi, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17683
Director of Maintenance and Operations, Anthony Pipkins, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17800
Director of Nutrition Services, Carla Lyder, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17267
Director of Purchasing, Tanisha Grattan, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17535
Director of Risk Management, Sandra Ayala, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17520
Director of Transportation, Jim Burleson, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17934
Executive Director of Technology Innovation and Assessment, Glenn Alegre, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17815
Chief Human Resources Officer
Dr. Robert Verdi, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17301
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Human Resources Director, Nadakia Neal, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17322
Human Resources Director, Jason Barney, [email protected], 951-571-7500 ext. 17322